Mind-Body Medicine is the Future

A hundred years ago, there were many different kinds of medical practice in the U.S. and Europe. Homeopathy, using infinitessimal doses of the very thing that would cause the symptom to cure it, was a major part of the scene, along with hydro-therapy, electric therapy, and many more. Over several decades, the form of medicine we consider "normal" or "traditional" became the one accepted way to address illness or injury--the scientific-materialist medicine paradigm that Larry Dossey calls Era I. Through the mid-20th century a new approach was being developed. As people discovered there is often a major psychological or even spiritual component to their symptoms, they turned  to holistic approaches to the whole mind-body system--and these ideas are rapidly being integrated into the scientific-materialist model--Larry Dossey's Era II medicine.

Now, in the late 20th and early 21st century we are experiencing yet another transformation in medical practice.This new era, Era III, assumes a very different model of the body-mind as an integrated system with energy and information flows as important as matter. This is the world of Empowered Care, and is the focus of the work here at MediGrace.

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Meditation as Medicine


 Meditation and Medicine both come from the same root word, along with mediate and remedy. They all relate to healing, to clearing away that which doesn't serve so that which does may flourish. 

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